Osprey Chicks on the nestWelcome to the Lake District Osprey Project website. Our first opening date was Good Friday on March 30th. Last year (2017) female KL arrived 28th March and male Unring 30th March. They produced a full clutch of 3 chicks over the season, all of which flew at the end of August on their migration.

2018 Unring arrived Saturday 31st March. Sadly, KL has not returned this season. Unring is now loosely connected with an unringed female, ‘Longstreak’.

 No 14 our ‘Star’ traveller, hatched 2013, has spent the winter in Bioko. He started his migration this year (2018) on 19th March and is now hunting, but still a bachelor in South Lakes.

Exhibition and viewpoints. 2018 – We are open every day from 10.00 to 17.00 at Dodd Wood viewpoints and Whinlatter Visitor Centre with good views of the four ospreys using the Lake at the moment.

Sadly, we are unable to transport anyone up to the Dodd Viewpoints at this time due to the state of the track following extensive felling and haulage. However, the live screens at Whinlatter are fully accessible for those with mobility issues.

Webstreaming – as we do not have breeding birds this season there is no webcam. Unring does visit the nest for short periods.

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Red and Gold




Cordulagaster Boltonii  – Golden Ringed dragon fly m (photo David Kitching)

If you miss the ‘Kersplosh!’ of the hunting osprey look a bit closer to hand to witness aeriel chases at least as exciting.

Dragonflies are one of the most spectacular insects of the summer months, the rustle of their wings whilst they hawk for unwary insect prey amongst foliage is as typical as their strikingly colourful bodies. One like this was spotted sitting on a shale bank by a Volunteer, on their way to the Upper Viewpoint at Dodd.

Most Dragonflies spend a couple of years underwater but these Golden Ringed ones spend  5 years of their lives there as ferocious larva. Tadpoles and Toadpoles beware! They have a few weeks flying free in Oriental splendour before the cycle starts again. The biggest is the female Golden Ringed dragon fly, her length marked like a black  finger set with with a series of multiple wedding bands. After the nuptial flight she lays her eggs by hovering over shallow water and vertically stabbing her abdomen into the stream beds.The acid upper waters of Skill Beck or the margins of the marsh land lagoons would do equally for a nursery.

At Whinlatter, smaller but in greater profusion, Red Damselflies Pyrrhosoma nymphula are darting in linked heart-shaped pairs around the ponds. But if you look deep into the water you can sometimes spot the next year’s generation showing their true nature stalking the mud in search of dinner.





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