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Our adult female KL has left for Senegal. Unring is still catching fish for his daughter Bega.  Number 14, our 2013 hatched bird is still flying the South Lakes but all will be migrating back to Africa in the very near future.


  • LAST CHANCE for 2016 to visit the exhibition and viewpoints. Our last day of opening is Monday 29th August.
  • Keep reading the Diary over the winter for updates on our two tracked birds, Bega and No 14. Will they make it back to Africa?
  • Bega is out flying so goodbye to the nest internet live streaming until next year!
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Monday Last Chance


In some years our birds have left by the end of August joining the smaller summer migrants on the travel routes back to the warmth of the South. However, this year, although KL left a couple of weeks ago, Bega and Unring are hanging on here. Pike and trout are in plentiful supply and Unring pulls them out of the Lake like a magician pulling rabbits out of hats. Bega – his beautiful assistant – then eats them. There seems little incentive for her to develop any digital dexterity to tickle trout, when Dad will do all the work. Her efforts at hunting consist of sitting on a post in the water and occasionally jumping in with a splash after the ripples. Her satellite tracker confirms that she is not fishing secretly at the other end of the Lake after we have gone home. All this has made for near guaranteed sightings of the birds over the past weeks from the telescopes at the Dodd Viewpoints, and even a chance of seeing Bega on the CCTV screens at Whinlatter on the nest toying with the latest meal.

However, ready or not, the human side of the osprey season has to have an end and this is always at the end of August. So, tomorrow, Monday Bank Holiday will be the last time the 2 sites are manned this year.

Not to give up entirely though. We hope to be continuing with this diary over the coming weeks as we have not one but two birds with trackers on.

Currently, Number 14 our marathon 2013 bird is still flying around South Lakes but like Bega the urge to move South may kick in at any time. Unlike Bega he is now an expert fisherman and experienced traveller. We are crossing our fingers that both will survive the journey.


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