Osprey Chicks on the nestWelcome to the Lake District Osprey Project website. Our first opening date is Good Friday on March 30th. Last year (2017) female KL arrived 28th March and male Unring 30th March. They produced a full clutch of 3 chicks over the season, all of which flew at the end of August on their migration.

2018 Unring arrived Saturday 31st April. We are still waiting for KL.

 No 14 our ‘Star’ traveller, hatched 2013, has spent the winter in Bioko. Last year (2017) he reached Cumbria April 16th. He started his migration this year (2018) on 19th March.

Exhibition and viewpoints. 2018 First opening day is Good Friday, March 30th at Dodd Wood viewpoints and Whinlatter Visitor Centre.

Sadly, we are unable to transport anyone up to the Dodd Viewpoints at this time due to the state of the track following extensive felling and haulage. However, the live screens at Whinlatter are fully accessible for those with mobility issues.

Webstreaming has not begun yet. Birds are only on the nest for short periods.

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Fair and Fickle

Leading a bachelor life has its joys and its betrayals!

The young woman in Unring’s life is as unpredictable as one might expect, coupled with her winsome beauty. She has a brown smudgy chest and a long dark streak on the back of her head. Perhaps ‘Long streak’ would describe her appearance and nature.

Their relationship started on rocky ground on May 6th with Unring clearly stressed with the whole process of sitting close to a strange female. However, familiarity breeds confidence and through her sporadic visits he has come around to appreciating her charms and does not turn his back the minute she approaches.

However, this increasing warmth may only be because he realises that he has a rival – and it appears she is not subtle in pointing this out. Last week as Unring sat in the alders having his usual post-prandial nap Longstreak lured another young male onto the nearby platform to share an intimate lunch. Opening an eye after some time Unring spied this betrayal and rose into the air to defend his territory. There was an aerial battle in which Unring managed to put in a few punches and the trounced suitor flew off rapidly North. Meanwhile Longstreak sat on the side toying with her sushi and mentally giving marks for stamina and style.

The next day, Sunday, unsurprisingly, she spent hours basking on the nest of the victor and graciously eating the fish that he had provided. Ah -ha we thought! Have they bonded at last?

But no – come Monday she had disappeared again.

This behaviour would indicate that the female is young and not really ready to settle down – compare this with the flightiness of no 14 over the previous seasons. But who knows, maybe the groundwork is being in for next season?

Longstreak on the left  – you can just about see this mark on the back of her head.

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