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Ospreys are breeding near Bassenthwaite Lake for the fifteenth year and are using a nest near the Lake which has been previously occupied. The nest has a High Definition camera, with live pictures being sent to the exhibition area at Whinlatter.  You can also visit our open air viewpoints at Dodd Wood.




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Time and Plaice

`2015.08.17 flatfish 2 jackpike

No floundering about for Dad – he’s a dab hand at catching fish!

Last year Unring came back with one flounder at about this time of the season. This year he has brought back 2! Is he flying the 10 miles or so to the seaside or are the flat fish swimming up to meet him?

As well as the flat packed offering he also presented his offspring with 2 pike! Which to eat first? Well the pike were easier to hold and more familiar but eventually the bony flounder was eaten too.

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