Osprey Chicks on the nestWelcome to the Lake District Osprey Project website for 2019.

We are now open April 1st to August 30th 2019.


There is one chick in the nest this year, hatched on Tuesday 4th June.  It has had its identifying leg ring fitted and has a clean bill of health. There are good views through the scopes of the chick, now five weeks old.
No 14 our ‘Star’ traveller, hatched 2013, as usual spent his winter in Bioko, fishing and roosting before starting his 4000 mile journey over the Sahara back to the Lakes. He is now in South Lakes.  Last year he built a nest and was seen displaying to attract a female osprey. Will he find a partner this year? No, sadly, there seems to be no evidence of romance here – hope he’s not an eternal bachelor!

  • Keep reading the Diary as we hope to put in new information about other wildlife of the Bassenthwaite valley as it happens.
  • As the birds have moved nest site this year we have no ospreywatch webcam.




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Flying 101

It is true what they say, time really does fly when you are having fun! (Pun intended).

At six and a half weeks old, Bassethwaite’s little osprey is not so little anymore. In fact it is looking so grown up that we do occasionally have to look twice through the scopes to be sure who exactly we are looking at. Of course she is not finished developing quite yet and we aren’t expecting fledging for another week and a half…give or take!  

Mum is now happy to leave the youngster alone on the nest for periods, settling on a perch next to dad where she can see the youngster or taking herself off for some all important me time.

Mum and dad enjoying a moments peace and quiet

The youngster has been making good use of the extra space to get in some exercise: warm up with some stretches, moving on to vigourous flapping before the grand finale…helicoptering! This is named for the way that the chick rises vertically off the nest a few inches before touching down in a manner similar to a helicopter. Friday’s practise was a touch nerve-wracking for those of us watching as it was a windy day but the osprey-copter seemed to handle it with ease!  

One of the things that makes Dodd Wood such a great place to see ospreys, is that not only can we show you them on or around their nest, but we are also well placed to observe fishing and bathing activity. Mum in particular seems to enjoy a good bath, usually in the shallow water right below the viewpoint. It is always lovely to see an osprey enjoying splashing in the water in much the same way that a sparrow might splash in a bird bath. Except Bassethwaite is one really big bird bath! 


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