Osprey Chicks on the nest

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  Corona Virus

Dodd Viewpoints – The Forest, car-park and Sawmill Tea rooms are currently open at Dodd. However, given the current health emergency, and guidance from Government on social distancing, to safeguard everyone, we still cannot provide telescopes or staffed information at the Dodd Viewpoints throughout this 2021 season. 

Whinlatter webcam – Similarly, we still cannot provide this service due to corona virus regulations

  • You are very welcome to take your own optics to the viewing points to look at the breeding birds.
  • Son of Bassenthwaite breeding in South Lakes! – Check out the live webcam from Foulshaw (Cumbria Wildlife Trust)  on tab above.

For further information view:-


Current status of Bassenthwaite Ospreys:- A pair of ospreys nested on Bassenthwaite last year 2020, and hatched two chicks successfully. The adults and juveniles left the Lake and started their migration to Africa in the autumn. As usual, it was crossed fingers that they made it through all the hazards to arrive safely at their destination.

Two adults  have arrived (30.03.2021)   Juveniles will stay in Africa for one to three years until they are mature

A clutch of Eggs are now laid, (11.04.2021 – 15.04.2021) and have hatched. 

There are two chicks, hatched late May – The female is guarding them and the male catching fish for himself and the family.

  • Keep reading the Diary as we hope to put in osprey news and  new information about other wildlife of the Bassenthwaite valley as it happens

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Hatching. And still chilly!

Over the past week there have been signs of a change of behaviour in the birds on the Bassenthwaite nest. After round-the-clock incubation with both Mum and Dad doing stints with only the occasional upset of a visiting passage osprey or corvid intrusion, suddenly all if fired up again. Dad is bringing fish to the nest and instead of taking it away to eat, Mum is hoarding it. It’s one of the best things in the world to watch when she at last stands up and after tearing off a minute portion of flesh, dips her head down into the nest; a sure sign that she has offered it to a chick. If all goes well then the chick instinctively grabs at it and down the red lane it goes. After that it becomes the bottomless pit, that so many parents will relate to. With more than one infant the parent’s days are cut out for them with fishing, feeding and keeping the little ones warm. Roll on some less chilly days!

Image of new hatched chicks and headless fish – from a previous year


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