Osprey Chicks on the nestWelcome to the Lake District Osprey Project website for 2019.

We are now open April 1st to August 30th 2019. 

The big question is whether our male ospreys will find new romance this season!!

Our adult male bird has arrived back from his migration and is already starting to build up the nest. We hope that the young female osprey he met last year will arrive in the near future and that they will pair up.

No 14 our ‘Star’ traveller, hatched 2013, as usual spent his winter in Bioko, fishing and roosting before starting his 4000 mile journey over the Sahara back to the Lakes. He is currently on migration. Last year he built a nest and was seen displaying to attract a female osprey. Will he find a partner this year?

  • Keep reading the Diary as we hope to put in new information about other wildlife of the Bassenthwaite valley as it happens.




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Big Earth Bumble Queens and Cool Osprey Princesses



Bombus terrestris – Big Earth Bumble bees

Anorak, windcheater, parka, duffle, – we have seen every sort of jacket to keep out the wind on Dodd this last week, and have found ourselves having sad anorak conversations on which brands are most effective. However, as is usual with man made inventions, nature has already done it better. Bumble bees have their own unique brand of covering, in their thick furry coats, which enable them to be one of the first insects to come out of hibernation in Spring and survive the vagaries of changeable weather.

Queen bees that have overwintered underground, are out foraging for pollen and nectar in the early flowers. The biggest are the Buff- tailed bumblebees, Bombus Terrestris. They rumble past, like Hercules planes of the insect world transporting food for their hungry brood of bee larvae. Soon these will pupate and hatch out as worker bees, ready to continue their life cycles, vital in symbiotic relationship with the flowers they will pollinate. There are 26 species of bumble bee in the British Isles – follow the link to find out more   https://friendsoftheearth.uk/bee-count/how-identify-bumblebees

The bee above was making its way back to a cosy mouse-hole in the bank late last Monday evening.

Since then the weather has warmed up and so intermittently, has our ospreys’ love life – when a female bird appears there is a lot of mating but it’s all  still very unsettled as far as commitment and choice of nest site goes

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