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Ospreys are breeding near Bassenthwaite Lake for the fourteenth year and are using a nest near the Lake which has been previously occupied. The nest has a High Definition camera, with live pictures being sent to the exhibition area at Whinlatter.  You can also visit our open air viewpoints at Dodd Wood.


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Farewell to 9A

We are very sad to write that 9A, despite the best of care and attention at the SPCA centre in Scotland has not made it.

It was always a long shot that he would gain enough strength to attempt to fly. Since his arrival he did not seem to make much progress, although he had gained weight.

However, this might have eventually resolved itself had he not fallen ill this week with an intestinal infection. As we were warned at the onset of his rescue gut infections are common in birds after a history of sickness at a young age, and, as in this case, are nearly always impossible to treat.

We would like to thank the Vets and Carers  at both Millcroft and the SPCA for their time and effort spent looking after him. Certainly, there will be few wild creatures that have had that level of medical care and expertise.

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