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Both our birds from 2015 have arrived. Female KL on Good Friday and Unring on Easter Monday. For 2016 the nest has a High Definition camera, with live pictures being sent to the exhibition area at Whinlatter.  You can also visit our open air viewpoints with telescopes focussed on the nest at Dodd Wood.




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Bega, big and beautiful, but still only 3 months old when all is said and done. She continues to fly over and around the Lake, often following Unring. However, like many young princesses she does not seem so inclined to do things for herself when Dad is there to do it for her! If he catches a fish she makes sure that she is positioned near to the nest, ready for him to pass it to her. Unring has been trying to entice her off by flying overhead with tasty trout and not giving instant delivery – to tempt her to go and fish for herself. But like many Dads, his willpower is weaker than hers and the fish always lands up on the nest, just where she wants it.

Even princesses have their annoyances though!


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