Osprey Chicks on the nestWelcome to the Lake District Osprey Project website and the Excitement of their 2016 migration. Crossed fingers they all make the desert crossing!

Our adult female KL has left for Senegal. Bega our 2016 female juvenile is travelling well – perhaps heading for Senegal too. No 14 our ‘Star’ traveller, hatched 2013, is over the centre of the Sahara on the way back to Bioko.  Unring our adult male will also be on his way back to warmer climes.


  • LAST CHANCE for 2016 to visit the exhibition and viewpoints. Our last day of opening was Monday 29th August. BUT keep up with the diary!
  • Keep reading the Diary over the winter for updates on our two tracked birds, Bega and No 14. Will they make it back to Africa?
  • Bega is out flying so goodbye to the nest internet live streaming until next year!
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Bioko Boy Arrives

Yes!!!! He’s made again to winter quarters on the island of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea! This will be his third visit to the island since his initial flight in 2013.

First satellite hit on the destination 2pm, October 12th for  2016. No 14 is probably fishing now off the South coast, rainforest area. (photo Wikipedia Commons  Falcanary)


As a reminder here is the first part of his journey this year. Left Lake District on September 16th and reached Algeria by 19th September. (From there he has taken a slower course Algeria 19th September to Bioko 12th October)


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