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Ospreys are breeding near Bassenthwaite Lake for the fourteenth year and are using a nest near the Lake which has been previously occupied. The nest has a High Definition camera, with live pictures being sent to the exhibition area at Whinlatter.  You can also visit our open air viewpoints at Dodd Wood.


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A Box of Delight at the Lake District Osprey Project.

A Box of Delights

Some of us may be thinking of flying south for the winter, some of us are thinking about our departure from Dodd Wood but some of us just enjoy the company that this location brings – and the nuts of course!

Today we not only had the company of those above, in our feeder, but 8A and his parent were also visible for at least some of the time.

For the last Bank Holiday of the year why not pop along and see our ospreys (we hope) red squirrels, robins called Eric, lizards, slow worms and much much more. The views alone are not bad, the squirrels quite like the rain (just in case Monday gets iffy) the exercise is good for you and it may be your last chance to get a


not just an experience, more a way of life.

The Osprey viewpoints are open 10 – 5 until the 31st August along with the Osprey room at Whinlatter Forest Centre.

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