Webcam Update

Our webcam testing is going well,  and despite the difficulties which our remote location sets us, we should soon be able to send live web images up to this site every 5 minutes…..fingers and talons crossed !  A big thank-you to BBC Cumbria, and the Forestry Commission Radio and Electronics Branch….you would not believe how complicated this is proving to be !  We will keep you posted.

An egg !

We have at least one, perhaps two eggs.  Since yesterday (Tuesday 7th May), a marked change in behaviour was noted in both KL, who tended the nest, sat at regular intervals, then moved around, and the male continued to bring in material.  By yesterday afternoon, KL had sat, appearing regularly to turn the egg(s), and when the male has brought in fish, she goes off, and he takes his turn to incubate….classic behaviour suggesting the start of laying their clutch.  What is also interesting, is that the birds continue to mate, on changeover, suggesting that there are still more eggs to be produced in the days going forward.  Here KL is happily incubating, taken this afternoon (Wednesday 8th May) at 16.55.


Webcam Update

We have worked closely with colleagues from BBC Radio Cumbria over the years to support our webcam.  This year we decided to wait until we had a settled nesting pair, but given the recent events at the nest site, with new birds and a change of female, we have decided to go live with web images hopefully early next week.  So, watch this space, and bear with us as we try and get it to you as it happens….thank you for your patience

Nest Takeover !

Apologies for the lack of posting for a while, we were hit by a bad storm resulting in a power outing and damaged phone line, but all fixed now, so it has been quite a week!

To cap it all, a new female has taken the Marsh nest.  She arrived on Thursday afternoon, and ousted the un-ringed female, claiming the nest for herself.  What is interesting is that this bird is ringed, White KL on her left leg, what is amazing is that she has been seen and photographed in Senegal in 2011 and 2012 by colleagues from the Rutland Osprey Project!  She was ringed near Loch Arkaig in Inverness-shire on 19/06/09, so at four years old this could be her first year of breeding, fingers crossed.

Our un-ringed male seems to have also been charmed by her, as he has been mating with her and bringing lots of fish to the nest, with no sign of the un-ringed female she has ousted.  The photo shows KL on the right hand side and the male on the left.


Exciting Website News

In order to continue to improve our site, we will soon be archiving our Flickr Diary and posting straight onto the ospreywatch website.  This should be more user friendly, stay in chronological order and be more accessible….watch this space !

Also, we are planning to run a social media feed on the site, so you can therefore see both our  facebook and twitter posts.

There are a number of ospreys in the UK, most of which are on passage.  Rutland have three birds back, see all the action at

No birds have been seen in the Bassenthwaite area yet, but we have refurbished all of our previously used nest sites, so fingers crossed.

Viewpoints at Dodd Wood will be staffed from 10am until 5pm from Friday 29th March, and Whinlatter Forest will be open from 10am daily.