Lake District Osprey Project; He’s Back!

No14 010715 2

Number 14 crossed the English Channel between Calais and Dover on Monday afternoon. He then headed in a north-westerly (good direction) direction until 8.00 pm. If you live near Great Buckland in Kent and saw a strange bird sitting in a tree eating a fish do let us know, meanwhile if you are an interested bird watcher and see an osprey with a small aerial on its back, likewise.

For all those country counters Number 14 has now reached thirty countries visited – Luxembourg.

Where will this bird turn up next ? Rutland Water?, Bassenthwaite? Wimbledon?

Watch the skies as well as this space!

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Lake District Osprey Project; Meanwhile No 14….

No14 210615 2


Meanwhile Number 14 having crossed the Sahara Desert twice in two years, entered Europe via Italy on the 3rd of May, then progressed north to Czech/German border and  has now completed three circular tours of Europe. The first two took in Denmark and Sweden, the third included Norway. Whilst flying to Norway via the North Sea he was only 175 miles from the British coastline. He has now visited 28 different countries since leaving these shores – brownie points if you can work them all out!

Over the last few days he seems to have taken a break remaining in central Europe.

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Lake District Osprey Project; The Adventures of Superbird continue.

NO14 150515 5


Having crossed deserts and seas Number 14 has now crossed Europe from south to north. Towards the end of last week he moved up through Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany and then into Denmark. Just as we were expecting him to cross another area of water he turned south back into Germany – maybe he’s heard those stories about ‘The Bridge’ or has he heard strange pipe music coming from a town not twenty miles to the east – Hamlin! Will he stay in this area or will he maybe head for a little island to the west?

Meanwhile back at Bassenthwaite his mum and dad wait expectantly for a new arrival – one week to go before hatching day is due. Will you be at Dodd or Whinlatter on Bank Holiday Monday to possibly witness the event?

Zapp! Kappow! – sorry getting carried away with the analogy.

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Lake District Osprey Project; No.14 Ice Cold in Tunisia!

After several thousand miles and six roosts in the Sahara Desert Number 14 has appeared on the northern coast of Tunisia. At 1800 on the 1st May he was flying at 790 m at a speed of 51 kph towards the Feija National Park. He roosted for the night shortly afterwards. After a quick beer or the osprey equivalent where will he head for next?

Are Sardines on the menu ?No14 030515 3

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Lake District Osprey Project; The Story of Number 14.

Hatched at Bassenthwaite 2013.

Left Bassenthwaite 10th September 2013

Crossed the English Channel  via  the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset the same day.

Down through France and Spain crossed to North Africa. By the 26th he was roosting in Ghana where he spent the next month. He then moved along the coast and crossed to Bioko on 27th November 2013 where he has remained ever since, with the exception of a couple of short excursions to Nigeria.

On the 21st April 2015 Number 14 crossed onto mainland Africa once again but this time on a mission. By midday on the 23rd he was passing Abuja, Nigeria, by the evening of 24th he was in Niger roosting near what looks like a river. Saturday the 25th he was roosting in the desert. By lunchtime on Sunday 26th – about the time the third egg was seen at Bassenthwaite – Number 14 was just over a thousand miles from Bioko with one thousand two hundred miles to go to the North African coast on a bearing that should take him to Spain.

In other words at the last download he was in the middle of the Sahara Desert heading north.

Already an amazing bird with an amazing story, what happens next?

We all await the next download.

260415 2

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Lake District Osprey Project ; First Egg



At the start of the day we had two ospreys and an empty nest.

At 1500 we had two ospreys, one fish and an empty nest.

By 16.30 the nest was no longer empty – one female adult osprey plus an oval speckled object below her – later confirmed to be our first egg for 2015.

We now wait for Wednesday and Friday when other eggs may be due – unless of course our pair wish to surprise us once again.