Lake District Osprey Project Opens This Week.

The Lake District Osprey Project is stirring from its hibernation this week. On Tuesday the staff will be out and about around Dodd and Whinlatter making it comfortable for our volunteers – cleaning the tea pots, polishing the scopes, fluffing up the cushions, that sort of thing – and organising the signage (Yes, that’s all our fault!) for the enthusiastic visitors. We may even get a moment or two to scan the skies for the odd osprey.

With the weather forecasts telling of dust being blown towards us from the Sahara we seem to be getting a good osprey wind, so who knows what could turn up this week. If you want really intelligent conversation visit us at the week-end for that is when our volunteers start their duties, you may even wish to join their gang and become a volunteer yourself!

Meanwhile, Number 14 remains on the Island of Bioko apparently dodging the thunder storms; this photograph was recently taken by one of our friends on the island. It shows the kind of landscape where our bird seems to be indulging in a bit of fishing, roosting etc. Sounds like a good way to spend the summer.

Bioko 1

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Number 14 140314

Number 14 remains at the southern end of the island of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea. The weather is apparently cloudy with temperatures around twenty six degrees, but with a hummidity rate of 81%. It is due to liven up a bit over the week end with thunderstorms forecast. For avid osprey watchers the wind direction in this part of Africa is not helpful for migration being WSW. In Senegal it is even less helpful with winds blowing from the north. But how many migrating ospreys are already on their way?

If you are interested in ospreys, birds, wildlife or just chatting to people why not become a volunteer with the LDOP. For more information just call Nathan, at Whinlatter, on 017687-78469.

We open for the season on Tuesday 1st April. Hopefully we will still be watching Number 14 along with any other ospreys that happen to visit Bassenthwaite.