Number 14 Returns to Bioko

No14 201015 1

Number 14 crossed into Africa from Europe on the 23rd September, on 12th October he dipped his toes into the Gulf of Guinea. Yesterday morning at 6.00 am he was sitting in a tree on the south coast of Bioko, a tree that he last saw on the 21st April of this year before his 2015 European tour.

He is likely to remain here until the Spring of next year.


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The Number 14 Challenge

No14 081015 1


It seems that even the students on University Challenge know the whereabouts of Bioko (formerly Fernando Poo – Ha!) but do they know the number of the bird heading in that direction? Having been there before Number 14 seems to have a liking for the place. But, before we get ahead of ourselves he hasn’t reached that far south yet. Before the weekend he seemed to be enjoying the rivers of northern Togo, a well deserved interlude after crossing the Sahara. If you can put a name to the river concerned you are doing better than we have done so far – definitely ¬†universally challenged!

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