Snow streaming

Our WEBCAM is up and running with live streamed pictures of the nest. Have a look now there is infra-red too.

Go to ‘Latest News’ tab. left click on drop down for osprey web cam

Left click on forestry commission link

Left click on forestry commission link again

Left click play arrow and  Unring’s your uncle and KL’s your aunt!

Still snowy on the tops this morning and KL sitting very tightly. It looks to be a very precarious situation, but presumably if you are an osprey nesting near the North Baltic, snow at this time of year would not be unusualvlcsnap-00634

Esox versus warm socks

Number 14 28.04.16

14 makes his way slightly North and West towards Lyon, gastronomic capital of France. If human he would be sitting in a convivial bouchon eating esox quenelles with a glass of Beaujolais to hand.Or in osprey terms munching a machon of pike washed down with Adam’s Ale.


800px-Quenelle_de_brochet_sauce_NantuaQuenelles – Creative Commons Fryke 27

With Friday’s weather looking to be a balmy 17C with a light Northerly wind it would seem the height of folly to be make the journey towards the wintery Lakes.

BBC Weather for Keswick  – Rain, sleet and snow will come south-eastwards into the area later on Thursday lasting into Friday morning. Accumulations of 5-10 cm are likely above 200-300 m with locally 2-4 cm to around 100 m.
Please be aware of the risk of difficult driving conditions and disruption to transport.