Number 14 all well

Just to update – number 14 is still living in Bioko, fishing and flying so his tracker is still functioning. Not too long now and he will be getting the itch, along with all the other mature ospreys, to start flying North. Fragile wings against global winds.

A typical flight pattern on Bioko


Number 14 081213

Vendace update

Bassenthwaite from Noble Knott

Bassenthwaite from Noble Knott

A couple of weeks ago Ian Winfield of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology gave a talk at the Kirkgate at Cockermouth with updates on the state of the Vendace in Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite. The Vendace is a good indicator of water quality and has had a shaky few years here, for some time being considered extinct, in Bassenthwaite certainly. However, with the work done on lowering phosphate levels there has been a number of sightings including a photo that made local headlines at the end of January.

Follow this link or copy and paste in new tab and it should take you to the BBC page.

Follow this link or copy and paste in new tab for the CEH.

The BBC picture is taken from a second or two of video in Derwent water 20m down where the vendace zooms out of the murk and bumps at speed into an inoffensive perch. Difficult to know which was the more surprised!

(As vendace are a deep water fish, it is highly unlikely that any fishing osprey could catch one.)