Home and Coming Home

14 --2nd April 2017 Latest pos 1500 Algeria

No 14 still battles on with the journey over the Algerian desert. This area, the Grand Erg Occidental  and the Tademait plateau has one of the most extreme climates in the world, being the birthplace of the Hammatan withering wind, whipping up dust storms over the dessicated dunes. And there are still the Atlas Mountains to cross before the sea.


At home KL and Unring are enjoying marital bliss in a spring green land, eating fish and adding grass and sticks to the nest. Sunbathing was the order of the morning, but this afternoon a third bird upset Unring as he carried in a huge pike. Mantling, stamping and fluttering Unring showed his aggression and anxiety, caught in the dilemma of wanting to defend his territory and hold onto his fish.


Here’s one he caught earlier