No 14 – On the move!

With Pete stranded on the Isle of Arran with Ali and Phil off in blowy Cornwall our boy certainly chose his moment to start migration.

He left South Lakes at 08.00 on 20th September, travelling obliquely down the country and arriving at Hayfield in the Peak District at 20.00.

He should be well down France by now.


Last full moon of the Osprey season



Moonrise over Bassenthwaite

The August moon rises terracotta

A nail of rust born out of mountains

Umber, into the blue of evening.


So stained, surely it has travelled through the heart of earth

Since moon-set of this morning

To slide out now above the thigh of Raise and high Hellvellyn.


The breeze that earlier blew a curve of sails across the Lake

dies in these quiet moments; softly breathes

the single lunar spinnaker above the range.

Casts off its colour in the seconds setting free,

So wing-furled ospreys sitting wakeful in dark trees

glare reflectively with yellow eyes

Following its silver pathway South; skimming the dark Lake of the skies.