Eggsactly what we wanted!

vlcsnap-2015-04-22-16h39m20s47 It is a fortnight since KL and Unring arrived back at Bassenthwaite. As well as fishing, eating fish and nest building the pair have been mating regularly and successfully – hence this perfect looking egg. Fourteen days is quite a small window of opportunity for a male to pass on his genes but what he lacks in length of time he makes up for in number of times. No-ring, our first male regularly topped 190 attempts in a season. What makes this a bit strange is that the eggs can be fertilised with only one mating so as far as energy goes, multiple attempts are to no purpose.  However, looking abroad where ospreys often nest much more closely together than here gives us an explanation of the behaviour. Unattended females may well succumb to the advances of nieghbouring Lotharios so unless a male wants to spend his summer looking after someone else’s chicks it pays him to keep his female closely under his own wing!