Home birds



With their illustrious offspring, White 14,breaking records in speed, distance and time our home couple have been somewhat neglected. However, in this case no news has definitely been good news. KL and Unring have had the most peaceful and uneventful brooding period. Thank goodness! Looking at some of the other sites suffering attacks from rogue males, harbouring ambitions of founding new dynasties, broken eggs and abandoned nests a ‘boring’ incubation is just what we want.
Unring has been a most attentive male, catching fish so regularly that we have not seen KL shout at him once. KL has been sitting happily, taking time out in the warmer spells for Unring to take her place for an hour or so.
Eggs were laid on the 20th, 23rd, and 26th of April and take between 35 and 39 days to hatch – so you can work out that there is not so long to go now before we hear the click of tiny talons.