Countdown to hatching. Day 35

If you have been counting, today is the first date that the first chick might hatch. Incubation typically takes from 35 to 39 days so the egg laid on April 20th is due over the next week.

Both osprey parents have been sitting on the eggs without any interruptions so there is no reason to suppose that all of the 3 will not have an occupant ready to chip its way to freedom. However, you should never count your ospreys before they are hatched. We cannot detect whether there is life inside the shell or not but for Unring and KL the live eggs will now be periodically quivering with the movements of the chicks inside. Even so, the long wait and long hours of inactive sitting can catch up on a fellow. Here are a few of Unring’s tips to stay calm.


Exercise No 1 Kill time and shake a bit of moss to death.