Countdown for Dads – Day 36

The early morning of Day 35 was one of constant changeovers. First Unring and then KL taking turns to incubate, At the CCTV screens at Whinlatter the eggs were scrutinised for cracks or chips by many eyes every time they were uncovered; both humans and ospreys acting like any imminent parents. A wash of wet weather at about 11.00 damped the excitement down and KL settled to brood. Later in the day she came down to the Lake at the lower Viewpoint and had a thorough bathe, indication that nothing was going to happen soon and by 17.30 Unring felt confident enough to leave and catch his first fish of the day. But what joys will today bring?

For Day 36 – Exercise No 2.  Don’t let the stress get to you. If those rushes are tickling your tush – Shred them!