Welcome little Chick!

OH YES! It’s a Boy – Or a Girl. Weight – about the size of a duckling (not much more than 40g.) Hatched at about 7am this morning and first seen by our early shift Protection team member. As normal for new hatched chicks it was very limp looking with a wobbly head in its first few hours – it’s a tiring business being born! But by mid morning KL had given it its first feed of trout.
Luckily, it hatched in dry weather and we had lots of nice views on the CCTV screen at Whinlatter as KL stood up and continued to turn its shell-bound siblings around it. This afternoon though the rain lashed up the valley and KL sat firmly down on the dripping moss. The forecast indicates it will be very wet and windy until midnight, but tomorrow should be better. vlcsnap-2015-05-27-10h58m50s180Photo – Covered in a Baby-gro of white down with a first meal of trout, three times its size waiting in the wings. Well done Mum and Dad!