Living in the NW of England weather is something to be wary of. It is always hovering on the brink of change, the brow of the clouds wrinkled in uncertain temper. The past week has been no exception with winds so cold they have been carrying sleet, sunshine warm enough for shorts, gales to rip the branches off trees and rain torrential. On one evening it seemed as if the nest would blow down, or that KL would be blown out of it. Thank goodness for the sturdy construction of the nest platform and our tree climbers who in the early Spring removed all the top layer of loose sticks.
KL has proved herself to be a fantastic mother, turning herself into an avian umbrella with a thermal lining, keeping the chicks warm and thriving. Unring has been doing his part bringing in fish to keep the whole family fuelled for growth and energy.

vlcsnap-2015-06-01-19h37m03s216KL flattening herself below the rim of the nest as the rain lashes down. Ospreys, like other birds keep their feathers waterproof with oil from their preen gland, but as you can see these are not as efficient at repelling moisture as a duck’s or swan’s say.