June is busting out

bluebell headGale and Oscar are growing nicely!
They have put off their childish fluff and have turned into little reptiles (in appearance anyway) . All over their bodies the pimples of youth are breaking out into the stubbs of developing feathers. Instead of being a vulnerable pale grey and white they now have a brownish blackish mottled look that is no doubt much better for camouflage. A paler stripe down the length of their backs tricks the eye into thinking they are part of the stick pattern at the bottom of the nest. They are eating so much that, when they are not sleeping off the previous meal, they have to row themselves around the nest on their stomachs, using their wings to propel them.

In the valley the weather has suddenly turned for the better and all the previously chilled and battered flowers are frantically unfolding and blooming. Bluebells are nearly over but the May is in full swing