A Leery view


‘How fearful and dizzy ’tis, to cast one’s eyes so low! The crows and choughs that wing the midway air show scarce so gross as beetles.’ (King Lear)

No choughs of course, but we are quite chuffed that our engineer has positioned the replacement close up camera to give us the view our chicks have over the rim of the nest. An inadvertent sneeze or cough close to the edge could spell disaster, with nothing to crow about then! Luckily, KL and Un-ring are still bringing in sticks to keep the lip of the nest well raised and stop any dizzy desire to see the green grass at close quarters.

The chicks are five weeks old now and well covered with feathers, although the wing and tail quills have quite a bit if growing to do before they can take that one way step in about 3 weeks time.

To get some sense of perspective from their static position in the nest both young  birds are regularly ‘triangulating’, staring hard at a fixed point and then bobbing their heads in quick side to side motions  to get an idea of the distance and dimensions of the object in view.  With their eyesight being about 8 times better than ours even beetles will be in perfect focus.