Lake District Osprey Project; Where is Number 14 ?

Number 14 PJC

Having crossed Cumbria at the start of the month near Kirkby Stephen and Warcop Number 14 continued towards the north-east of England to just south of Kielder Forest – visiting his cousins maybe? – he then crossed the Scottish border and flew west, returning to Cumbria once again via the Solway. From the 5th to the 9th he was in the Cockermouth area, taking out a few hours to visit mum and dad on the marsh – Sunday evening 20.00 in the ‘diamond field’- he then continued his Cumbrian tour to Millom and Grange on the 9th roosting for a night or two in Lancashire. Over the last few days he has had the good sense to return to Cumbria and signals have suggested he was in the Langdale area before moving to the north-west of the county.

Any sharp eyed fishermen, photographers etc who see him or can even get a photograph do let us know – the giveaway is a small aerial on his back and/or the ring with Number 14 on it!