V1 Flight Thursday 23rd



“This is where I planned to go in the first place!”

Like most younger siblings V1 (Oscarina) has been following her brother V0’s (Gale’s) escapades with intensity. Anything he can do she would like to do too. So, although still a bit on the small side and, counting from lay date, 6 days younger, she decided to make her first jump just two days after his flight. Unfortunately, again like many aspiring younger siblings, her efforts to ‘keep up’ did not meet with quite the same success. With slightly shorter wing feathers and less time to practice sustained flapping her first flight was more of a glide and skimming just above the willows and the marsh, she landed up on the river bank. Not a good place if you then find you can’t quite get airborne again!
Luckily for her, watchers at the viewpoint could see her clearly – and as time went on it was decided that she should be checked out in case she had injured herself.
Our ringing expert and vet went quietly over to where she was sitting and without demure she allowed herself to be picked up and examined. Nothing wrong with her at all! So, to give her the right idea they perched her up on a nearby tree branch.
Since then, although not whizzing about in the same way as V0 she has been holding her own.
Unring and KL have, of course, been keeping a good eye on her as well and Unring has made sure that both she and VO have been fed fish. Hopefully, a few days more growth, and a gain in muscle strength will soon have her chasing VO down to the Lake.