Meanwhile, back on the nest….


To go back to our tyro flyers. After a shaky start V1 (Oscarina) has been gaining confidence and strength. She, sensibly, did not ground herself again after the initial flight and spent some days hopping from tree branch to tree branch. Her cries of hunger were heard by Dad and he dropped a few fish her way so she could practice jumping to the next branch. At last she made it back up to the nest and now is making short circular flights, keeping ‘home’ well in sight.¬†


VO (Gale) has continued to fly strongly and is now ranging further over the marsh, although we have not yet seen him try to fish.Instead he is dogging Dad, demanding fish voraciously. This morning Unring arrived quietly¬† on the nest to do a bit of housework but was unexpectedly pounced apon by his son who shouted loudly down his ear. Unring flew off looking a bit ruffled. When he did return with a fish he didn’t bother to land, just flew over and dropped it in front of V0.¬†Presumably he didn’t want his other ear bashed.