Dad Delivers

vlcsnap-2015-08-14-12h55m06s232Wall to wall, ceiling to floor, rain today and a very disgruntled V1 stood hunched and dripping on the nest. Then, just after 10.00 Dad flew over and chucked her a beautiful trout to cheer her up. At first it seemed even this couldn’t brighten her day and she sat alternately mantling and crying over it, with the water trickling down the back of her neck.  At last she got herself together and had a few nibbles. Not so bad after all!

A couple of hours later there was an action replay. Zoom! Splat! Another fine fish dropped right in front of V0’s beak. No messing with this lad; he got straight into his meal, ate it all and left the nest before his sister had worked her way to the tail of hers.