Lake District Ospreys head south.


Strange things sometime happen on the Lake District Osprey Project, the above image was captured one day towards the end of the season when our cameras on the nest had a small malfunction – an interesting combination of nature and technology.

At the end of our second week without ospreys we can report on the following. V1 (we believe) our youngest osprey was seen in the diamond field on Tuesday the 8th September by one of our sharp eyed volunteers on squirrel feeding duty. V0 has been tracked over the last few weeks to Senegal so unlike our 2013 birds has taken the western route much loved by mum. Number 14 meanwhile has taken a more sedate course to France, via Portsmouth/Southampton, and was last reported just south of Paris. Could he be on his way to Bioko once again?

Regular reports on our birds will appear on this site during the Autumn and Winter. Enjoy!