Lake District Osprey Project New Season 2016


Sad news first; during December 2015 while storm and tempest hit the Lake District and surrounds our young bird VO disappeared from our view in Senegal. Our tracker stopped sending a signal either due to the loss of the bird or the failure of the technology.

Number 14 meanwhile seems to be having a peaceful time around his favourite location in Bioko. In previous years he has taken a short holiday flight over to the Niger Delta during January or February. Maybe this year he’s saving his energy for a longer flight north. If he’s off soon it could be to find a mate.

Talking of holidays, one of our volunteers, Jane, seemed not satisfied with watching Ospreys for most of the summer from Dodd and decided to go for a mid-winter holiday to southern Spain. Of course while there, she could not resist the temptation of looking out for the said bird. The picture above is the result, taken from a phone camera, no less. You may notice the strange tracker on the bird’s back. This bird, like Number 14, was provided with a tracker, also in 2013. Unlike Number 14’s it has now stopped working. The Osprey in the picture comes from Corsica and has been part of a research project run by Flavio Monti from the Ferrara and Montpellier Universities. Some Ospreys in Corsica breed on the cliffs and seem to migrate west to Spain – proving just how flexible these birds can be. For more interest Google ‘Flavio Monti. The Ospreys of the Mediterranean Basin’ and read more about these fascinating birds.

If like Jane, you can’t get enough of Ospreys why not become a volunteer? If you are near Keswick on Friday 18th the volunteers are gathering for the first time this season at the Crosthwaite Hall near the Co-op, at 6.30pm or you could give Whinlatter a call on 017687-78469 and ask for Nathan or Barbara. The season starts a week later on the 26th March.

Many, many, thanks to Jane Wise for the story and photographs.