Spring Welcome



Let me tell you what the Bassenthwaite Valley looks like on this early Easter-tide. Just wonderful!

After the deluge of winter we have had a week of weather that is usually depicted on chocolate boxes or in dreams – clear blue skies, warm sunshine, nearly no breeze and given extra zing with seasonal chill in the shadows. The sun goes down red and two nights ago the full moon rose in a huge sultry orange over Skiddaw, through the evening mist. Every living thing has responded, with catkins, yellow as Lent pancakes tossing their pollen all around, soft grey cat-paw pussy willow breaking into jade flowers for the early bumble bees and the hedgerows splashing out in the tattered green bice petticoats of splitting hawthorn buds. So good to pick and chew on that their Spring name is ‘bread and cheese’. Small birds are singing fit to bust, consolidating territory and in the ponds frogs rasp out love-croaks to a sea of spawn.

And the Lake, transforms the colour of infinity above from deep indigo to shallow turquoise against the pale margins of last year’s Canary grass. Nearby on the marsh, the Osprey nest has a new bed of dry grass and moss laid out by our wardens to welcome back or entice migrating birds into stopping for the season.

So, with the next fronts of lush Atlantic moisture starting Spring is set into unstoppable motion. Definitely a Good Friday!