Romance without Rings

As Unring has no ring some authorities would doubt that he is the same bird as last year – ‘No verifiable evidence!’ Even similar plumage is disregarded.  However, the behaviour of the couple towards each other is the strongest indication that they are indeed the same pair as last year, and if birds cannot be said to be in love they are certainly extremely content.

Just before Unring arrived KL hopped onto the nest for the first time and started looking around eagerly. Suddenly, with a flutter of wings she flipped off the nest and flew off towards the Lake. A quarter of an hour later there was Unring, sitting on a branch tucking into a fish followed closely by KL back onto the nest again. The strength of their regard can only be measured by the restraint that KL showed, watching her mate, not seen for 7 months, eating a fish that in osprey etiquette could quite rightly be thought hers. She made no move or sound to get it – the opposite of female osprey behaviour eying up a new gentleman friend.  After a little while longer she had her reward as with no fuss he gallantly presented her with the tail.