Since our pair have been back there has been a shadowy third bird dodging around on the horizons. At 10 past eleven today it thought it would try its luck on the nest. The first we knew of it when KL suddenly stopped preening and jumped from the side branch onto the nest looking up at the sky intently. An osprey swooped down – we thought it was Unring but it overshot the nest by inches and KL reared up shrieking and holding out her wings. On its second pass we saw it was clutching a headless fish -if he thought this would impress KL he was mistaken. She was having none of him or his fish. Unring then joined in the fray and for a hectic moment there were both of them buzzing each other and KL over the nest and around and around the tree.

The intruder dropped its fish, turned tail and skidded away towards the Lake, closely followed by Unring and KL and some excited viewers from Dodd. Ha! Vanquished!