Early birds?

Yesterday was a rest day following five days of busy nest building and courting, topped by the grand chase the day before. Both birds perched away from the nest, in the alder and broccoli trees and the nest tree top for the majority of the day, only meeting up there when Unring brought in a trout.

Still they are well on their way to having a very servicable area for KL’s confinement -eggs in possibly about another 5 or 6 days time.

With our pair arriving over the dates of an early Easter many visitors have asked if this is normal. In general our birds have arrived in April but some early dates are when

No-ring our original male arrived March 26th 2010



Mrs, his second partner arrived March 26th 2011 and March 30th 2012. To remind us of those patriarchal years here is a picture of No-ring and his ‘Mrs’ back on the 14th April 2009 looking out to the future from their Dodd Wood nest.

This season a number of ospreys turned up in this last week of March including one to Loch of the Lowes and one to Fowlshaw. It is probable that the spell of good weather in mid March gave them the right conditions to put the miles away, despite the usual holiday downpours at the end of their 3000 mile migration.