‘It’s a wise child that knows its father’ or with a more avian twist   ‘It’s an egg-head that can identify its genes’.

Unring – as do all male ospreys, wants to make sure that he will be the progenitor of any offspring hatching from the eggs of KL. He does not want to spend all summer looking after chicks that are not going to carry his genetic material into the next generation.  So mating occurs many times in the two weeks leading up to lay. This serves the multiple purposes of cementing bonding, fertilising the eggs and of course making sure his female is not eying up talent elsewhere. So far, this last has not been an issue on Bassenthwaite but with a feisty third bird around there is a potential rival. KL sensibly seems to know when she is on to a good thing and with Unring has vigorously defended territory and nest with him against the tall dark stranger over the past few days.