No1, extremely punctual.

We have been watching the signs of broodiness so we were not surprised when early this morning KL and Unring’s first egg was spotted. And first views of it show that it is indeed well spotted, blotched and squiggled. One end is covered with a round dark rose red mark, the rest is a creamy white overlaid with dark dashes. Extremely beautiful, this outer shell, even more wonderfully, holds the potential for a new life.

It has been 15 days from Monday 27th when they first met up, so she has laid absolutely on time. Previous years 2013 = 13 days, 2014= 16 days,  2015 =13 days, from arrival of both to lay.

Unring has brought her a couple of fish, one of which she flew off with, leaving him to do his first stint of sitting. The second she refused as by mid-afternoon the rain was coming down in buckets.

We also have great news about No 14. Where is he now? – you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out!