Number 14 is flying!

Number 14 is no longer ‘at home’ on Bioko. He is actually half way across the Sahara Desert.

No 14 was hatched in 2013 – KL and Unring’s first brood. He and his satellite tracker have given us huge insights into osprey migration. For a start, in his first southward migration he bypassed the West Coast of Africa and made his summer home on the Island of Bioko, 1000 miles further on. Last year he made his first trip back – the long way round – visiting Italy, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, to name but a few. Eventually he arrived back in Cumbria after a journey of 13,000 miles to settle near Penrith. This winter he has been back on Bioko and has now started his gruelling northward migration again. What will he do and where will he go this time?  And the biggest question applicable to all migrating birds – will he survive?

  • 3rd April – crossed to mainland Nigeria
  • 6th April – crossed Nigerian/Niger border .
  • 9th/10th Roosted on Niger/Algerian border Approximately  235 miles east of Mount Tahat near Tassil N’Ajjer National Park.  Mount Tahat is the highest mountain peak in Algeria at 2,908 metres. The National park is renouned for cave paintings dating from a period between 8000 and 2000 BC. AD, depicting scenes of cattle breeding and hunting of animals,suggesting that climate change has occurred since that time. This will be of no comfort to a thirsty No 14!
  • Number 14 16

He has flown approximately 1500 miles since the 3rd with approximately 800 to go before Med. Coast. Seems to be on course for Tunisia similar to last year.