Rara Avis, Rarer Air

Gosh this is difficult keeping up with our No 14 bird.

14 apr 2016

Going back a bit, as far as I can work it out from this map his roost sites are:

14th Thursday night – roosted Corsica

15th Fri  night roosted North of Genoa

16th Sat night  Valley of Po, in an area so wet it grows rice.

17th Sun night between Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano

His flight on Monday was spectacular as he crossed the Bernese Alps just east of the ‘Agassizhorn’. The Agassizhorn is 3,946m (12,946 ft) and his flight height only just below this! (picture creative Commons Feisch)


18th Monday night  North of Lake Geneva

19th Tues Looks to be near River Cheney quite near the convoluted Gorges du Fier, France

14 apr 2016.jpg 1

14 apr 2016.jpg 2