Fowl Weather

A day of such variable weather it made you proud to follow the British tradition and discuss it in depth.  Bright clear warm Spring sunshine with a cloudless blue sky yet within 10 minutes overcast with a chill breeze and in another 10 minutes deep purple grey clouds and lashing sleet and frozen marbles of hail. Then sunshine again.

For KL sitting on a nest exposed to every element there were some trying moments. As the first wave of sleet drummed down the valley in an opaque sheet she became noticeably agitated, ducking her head and staring towards the oncoming storm. The first mad maraca rattle hit her full in the face causing her to rear up off the eggs twisting her head, body and wings to avoid the painful percussions.

If it had been possible it looked as if she would have wrapped her wings around her head, however with precious eggs to keep warm she subsided into the nest again and sat it out. Although the wintery showers are now dying away it won’t be too pleasant sitting through the night either, with a temperature of only 2C  and stiff Northerly breeze.

Her oldest son in Grenoble is also sitting it out at La Santon near Vif. The River Drac is providing him with his meals as it is particularly wide with occasional wider lake type sections There are no osprey breeding sites in this area of France so he’s having a holiday at present before deciding his next moves, or perhaps it is the same Northern air current holding him back although the night time temperature there is a couple of degrees warmer.

Derwent Water – our third bird spotted here with possibly a friend a couple of days ago!derwent pan 2 (2)