True, Blue FF6

With No 14 whizzing around the countryside it is easy to think that nothing is happening on the nest (Except of course the miracle of growth within the egg – but this, like a birthday present. is hidden until opening day.)

KL has been sitting very tightly, Unring has been bringing in fish once or twice a day and all seems calm.

However, on Friday the calm was shattered. At 14.00 Unring seemed rather uneasy, moving around on the nest side and looking up to the skies. We wondered if he could see a passage osprey far above – but after a while all seemed to go back to normal.

Then at about 16.30 he flew onto the nest site with a large trout, which he left lying on the side and flew off again. Unusually, KL made no move to take it but sat firmly on the eggs.

The next thing we saw was a pair of legs swooping over the nest. Heavens above! – one of the legs had a blue ring on it.

Unring followed straight after this landing with a thump. As he turned around the blue-ringed osprey landed right on top of the fish. It grasped the fish,  reared up with all its head feathers raised and stared belligerently at Unring. KL stood by her man and with great presence of mind bit its foot, but this unfortunately galvanised it to grip the fish tighter and fly off in a cloud of wing, scale and glare. At which point KL bit Unring.

But it was too late, the dinner hi-jacker had gone, jigging through the trees up the beck, leaving a ruffled and indignant couple.


Since then we have had a look at the footage and the Ring number seems to be Blue FF6.

This tallies with a record of a bird ringed in 2015 in Loch Doon in Galloway.