Leighton Moss Spot

Number 14  Arnside

Number 14 Arnside

Here’s what makes osprey spotting so exciting!

Just been watching an osprey at Leighton moss, it has a transmitter on its back! Wondered if it was 14? Was at Leighton at six pm 09/05/16!


It could have been although this evening it’s on the west coast above Askham in furness
Yesterday it was North West of Cartmel which, in osprey terms, is a short flight across the estuary to Silverdale so my money would be on 14 visiting leighton moss !


Just downloaded Number 14. Map attached showing where he was this morning. The dot near Arnside was 0900 so could well have been spotted at Leighton Moss later in the day.


And then it was midnight, when all ospreys should be cat-napping and people asleep!


Well spotted Larissa but where will that bird turn up next!