Spring Survival

On the nest all is still going to plan. Working out the dates, eggs were laid on April 12th, 15th and 17th. Incubation is variable and can take between 36 and 40 days. This brings our earliest hatch day to next Wednesday, May 19th. But as we know, it is a mistake to count ospreys before they are hatched.

Last year the middle laid egg of the clutch was seen to start hatching, the little egg tooth glimpsed sawing its way along a crack line, but after a few hours it ceased to move. Nature seems to put in all these hard physical hurdles, hatching first food mouthfuls, fledging, fishing, flying, and migration, to ensure only the strongest make it to adulthood. If we look back at our own ancestry we are the same – the sum of all the people in our blood line that have survived birth, illness, injury and starvation with ourselves the culmination,  a tiny triumphant speck of life at the top of the pyramid,  ready to pass on the genes to another generation.


In the fields the Spring story repeats, and like a wave of  cream foam on a green sea of grass, lambs are gambolling in all the fields and enjoying the fantastic weather of the last 5 days.

Spring Lambs

Spring Lambs

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