101 Things a Bird can Do.

What to do whilst sitting on your nest.

If you are KL this is what you do

  1. Watch the world go by with eyesight 8 times sharper than a human’s.
  2. Feel the tremble of the eggs with your new chicks stirring inside.
  3. Turn the eggs every hour or so to ensure they are heated evenly. .
  4. Snuggle down so your warm brood patch is in contact with all the eggs.


If you are Unring

  1. Every 10 minutes get up and turn the eggs, get up and dig the nest cup a little deeper and turn the eggs, get up and turn around and turn the eggs, get up and turn the eggs and sit down. Start again.
  2. Shred up nest material into tiny pieces and then shred them up into tinier ones,
  3. See how many pieces of shredded material you can lay across your back and how far you can turn your head around to do this.
  4. There’s a breeze blowing from behind – lift your tail straight up and let the little gusts rock you forward and back and forward and back and for………. oops! That was a stronger than you expected. Who would have thought the nest was wide enough for a complete somersault?
  5. Sit with your tail down until it’s time to turn the eggs again.

Wonder what the neighbouring  owls do?

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