Shelling out.

A cherry when it’s blooming has no stone.

A bird when it’s pipping has no bone

A ring when it’s rolling has no end

A baby when it’s sleeping has no crying.



May 18th, and today was the first likely date for the hatching of the first egg, laid April 12th. Our volunteers at the big screen at Whinlatter were looking extra closely at the eggs every time KL lifted off them. Particularly as since yesterday evening she has appeared to be excited, snuggling the eggs with extra vigour, turning them more frequently and twitching her wing feathers. Was something tickling her tummy, could she hear a cheeping coming from under the shell?

At mid morning she stood up and we could see the first laid egg clearly. It is easily recognisable as it became stained a light fawn colour with the wet manure they were bringing up for nest lining when it was laid. (The other two were surrounded by clean moss and so have kept their maroon and cream hue)

As we stared we noticed a tiny dark mark, not much larger than a darning needle hole and the slightest of movement behind it. KL had seen it too and leaning forward flicked off the tiny piece of shell that had been dislodged with the tip of her beak.

Our first chick had started its rigorous escape routine!

Of course, whether it will succeed or not remains to be seen. KL will not help break the shell because only chicks strong enough to break out are strong enough to survive. The morning will give us the answer.


No 14 is still on the move beating an aerial triangle marked by Milnthorpe, Coniston and Ulverston.

In the past few days he has passed over  Ingleton – Windermere -Millom. Has been seen at Leighton Moss and has appeared on Killington Lake on the M6. Satterthwaite in Grizedale Forest and Pennington Reservoir (Ulverston).