First Chick 2016

As we hoped, what started as a pin prick in the shell yesterday has been worked on by the chick chipping around a metaphysical dotted line through the night until at some point the egg broke open  – and there our chick was, hatched!  Some of our staff and volunteers got up early to switch into the webstream. Both Unring and KL were being very good parents so it wasn’t that easy to get a definitive view………


7:40     UR sitting, lots of new grass. ? Small White shape near top of nest. (Added later, could it be egg shell?)

7:50     KL returns to nest.

7:54     KL leaves,

7:56     UR lifts could still only see two eggs, but he hasn’t lifted fully.

8:00     UR shuffles still only saw parts of 2 eggs.

8:12     No clear view.

8:16     Went to get breakfast.

8:20     KL on nest – typical.

8:22     KL lifts ? 1 chick.

8:30     KL lifts – definitely ONE sleepy chick.

8:39     UR onto nest. Leaves 8:41.


Thanks for this Ralph!