Constructive chick care

KL and Unring continue to be successful in looking after their chick and it is growing fast with triple helpings of fish. Like all osprey chicks it has an oesophageal pouch which acts a bit like a hamster pouch to hold an extra serving of dinner. This means it need not be fed quite so often and there are emergency rations to hand (or throat) if the chips are down. . When you compare the work blue tits have to put in to feed their family, with a constant stream of grubs and caterpillars throughout the daylight hours, catching four or five fish a day seems a cinch.

The nest has been undergoing a change of shape with both adults adding sticks to the sides of the nest cup especially at the point where there was the slight collapse a few weeks back. This makes a higher wall and a deeper cup and will make it more difficult for an avian predator to clamber in.

Some will have seen this stunning picture on facebook taken by Anthony Byrne when No 14 happened to have been floating over his head at Pennington. Look at that wingspan and think of the wing beats needed to travel the distances he has done!

Number 14 at Pennington - Anthony Byrne

Number 14 at Pennington – Anthony Byrne