Fat v Fit

As you can see from the web-streaming, chick is now rapidly approaching its 2 week old anniversary and already it is pretty unrecognisable compared with its appearance a week ago. Then it was tiny white and fluffy with plenty of ahhh factor. Now it is obese, indeterminate grey, and spotted with feather buds with a lot more ugg factor – but presumably, in common with mothers everywhere, this mother can see no flaw in it. Unring has been fishing nearer to home and bringing back slightly smaller fish – brown trout and perch from Bassenthwaite and the river – rather than the enormous rainbow trout from over the fell.


Fern Croziers, nearly as fluffy as chicks themselves unfurling on all the fell-sides.


This week there have been some good sightings of other ospreys in the area. On Saturday a pair (possibly our ‘honeymoon’ couple) floated over Thornthwaite, much to KL’s disgust. Off went Unring to see them away whilst KL threw herself dramatically down over her chick and the latest fish indiscriminately. Obviously not welcome, the pair flew down over the mouth of the Derwent under the Lower Viewpoint where they were mobbed by crows. So much for a quiet romance. Later, a lone third bird turned up. Was this Number 14 on yet another circumnavigation of the Lakes?

We asked his tracking minder and he came up with a map for Monday bank holiday and the comment below.

No14  30.05.16

‘Number 14 seems to have had a bit of a tour on Bank Holiday Monday. 11.00 Millom, 12.00 Near Borrowdale YHA, 1300 Bowscale Tarn on Blencathra, 1400 on the Eden east of Penrith then back to south lakes for tea. Remembering that the red dots are the definite points while the lines are computer generated did he visit Bassenthwaite between 12.00 and 13.00………..what do you think?’