A wing and a poem

Thank you Sal Lloyd for sending in this poem summing up some of the feelings that the picture of No 14 gives.

Number 14 at Pennington - Anthony Byrne

Number 14 at Pennington – Anthony Byrne

What secrets you hold
Of pleasures untold
The joy of the wind
As your wings unfold

 The heat of the sun
From which you may run
Forever at one
With the world and it’s fun

 To soar and to turn
Wherever you yearn
The earth and it’s glory
Enticing your story

 What freedom you have
From the grey dawn of light
That brings humans more strife
And such disregard for life

 Do you see all the turmoil
We mankind have wrought
On your journeys over soils
And seas and thought

 Do you think of your brethren
As they seek to purport
The life they were given
Much more than just sought

 Are your wanderings aligned
With a purpose in mind
To watch over your kind
As an angel untwined

 To be as a watcher
A sage and a thatcher
For mankind to know
What nature can really show…….

 A Magnificent bird!

 Sal Lloyd