She’s a Girl!

As you will have noticed from looking at the web stream, or visiting the screens at Whinlatter, our chick is now sporting a smart satellite tracker. Yesterday, under license, our ringer, with the transmitter expert, fitted our chick with two leg rings and the tracker. On her left leg there is a thin metal band with her unique number, and on her right leg is a blue colour ring with the white letter/number combination V5, both issued by British Trust for Ornithology.

It was apparent as soon as she was removed from her carry bag that this was a fine and weighty individual. Feet and toes particularly caught our eyes as they seemed to be very large and well formed as she flexed her formidable talons. It looked already as if she was a female, but weight is the most telling evidence, and as the spring scale marker moved lower and lower the ringer did a double take, repeating the number twice. 1,810 grams. 1,810 grams!!!!!  This was the heaviest bird we have ever had and put her firmly into the female category.

Not only female, but feisty! In return for the indignity of being handled, she managed to put in a good few nips of her own.


Big and Beautiful