Dodd Viewpoint is the place to be!

Since fledging on July 12th Bega has been a model example of a developing juvenile bird. The first few days were spent landing and taking off from the nest. Then by the end of the week she was extending her range to the Derwent river and the ‘diamond’ field, accompanied by her parents. Viewing from Dodd Viewpoints has become better and better as the birds fly and fish closer and closer to the telescopes. In the past few days the next stage of Bega’s training for independence has begun and she has been spotted flying over the Lake, her instincts for hunting fish being woken as she stares down into the water.

If you want an even more immersive experience spotting ospreys try swimming in the silk blue waters of the North after the Viewpoint telescopes are put away at 17.00. Seeing the iconic pale belly and angled wings set against the sky, as unafraid, one of our birds quarters the water, is a sight for life.


Viewing, Swimming, Flying and Fishing