Bega Flies (a bit)

V5 160916 (1)

The Apron strings, or maybe the Braces, have broken. Bega is flying free if not too wild.

On Saturday 3rd Bega  (and No 14) were still in their usual summer grounds, but on Sunday 1st Bega started moving down the country, not in the usual focussed flight we have seen in many of our other birds, that eats up the miles in one burst to get them well away from home, but in a sort of meander that took her near to Fowlshaw.

On Tuesday 6th she was still in that area, although it does not look like she has come across No 14.

Although this pattern of behaviour is slightly different, it may be the right thing for Bega. Whilst manning the viewpoints up to August 29th, no-one actually saw Bega catch a fish, so the rich area of sandy shallow estuary and flats  of South Lakes would be a good place to linger in and begin to take your fishing career more seriously.