Bega -Senegal


St Louis, the old French capital of Senegal. This looked like a good place to stop as, considering its proximity to the Sahel, it is a very watery place. Indeed, so watery that it is considered to be the place most threatened by rising sea levels in the whole of Africa.

There are large marshland areas adjoining the city that in the rainy season (just finishing) are created by the Senegal River overflowing and making grand habitat for flamingos and pelicans etc. There is also the Langue de Barberie , a spit of sand for which (tongue in cheek) I feel I should have an affinity. It stretches 600km along the coast from Mauritania, 25km of which separates the Senegal River from the Atlantic Ocean. (Sept 27th – 28th)

Surely a fishing paradise.


( St Louis – Ji Elle Own work Public domain Wikipedia commons)



However, this didn’t seem to suit and she is now heading for the current Capital of Dakar.(Oct 6th)

No14 is still lingering on the Ghana Togo Border]