Further fourteen flight

At 13.56 today 14 had passed into Niger, the Tahoua region. This is an arid dusty area of small trees and scrub bordering the desert, but it supports agriculture and Tahoua City is a market town where Tuareg merchants from the North and Fulani traders from the South meet up. It is also an area that mines gypsum, a versatile mineral existing as alabaster for carving, plaster of Paris for splints, dough conditioner for bread, an ingredient for foot cream and in one of its natural forms creating the beautiful desert rose. Interesting – but its link to ospreys lies in the fact that In ancient times it proves this area to have been much wetter as the mineral is formed in layers by the evaporation of water from great lakes.  A much better place for an osprey to be flying over.

If he makes it to England he may well fly over other ancient Lake beds – these are in Blue Anchor, Somerset.

Ashley Dace Wikipedia commons

File:White Gypsum - geograph.org.uk - 2503198.jpg