Migration and a mysterious nest!

14 -6th April 2017 05.42

14-6th Apr France Pyrenees


No 14’s flight for ¬†April 6th. Maps showing his morning start and evening roost in the Pyrenees. About 380 km. That bird can travel!!!

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An Easter mystery at Whinlatter!

A number of people came into the Visitor Centre reporting a clutch of eggs laid at the base of a tree close by one of the trails. There were four, and being pure white did not match any of the ground nesting birds’ more camouflaged ones- an Easter bunny hoard we wondered?

Then came the answer. As the Carters walked past the tree a tawny owl shot over the path in front of them! Why she should have tried to nest in such an exposed and lowly place who can say. Perhaps she is a young and inexperienced fowl or perhaps her chosen nest hole collapsed or was taken by another owl. Sadly, despite her efforts no Easter chicks are likely to be hatching from this nest.