KL ┬álaid her first egg at about 14.30 this afternoon (Tuesday). She had been seen looking slightly uncomfortable, sitting low in the nest cup with her wings braced forward a bit. However, having bred for 5 years now the actual lay was not the huge effort it was a few years ago and it was only when she stood up we could verify she had indeed produced an egg. Unring’s reaction was also very different from the young bird of 5 years ago. The reaction to his first egg 5 years ago was one of complete indifference. Sitting on it was a bore and he usually tried to get away as soon as he could. Today, he flew in within minutes and dived straight into the nest cup to investigate and then pushing KL aside he settled down to brood it. This was not quite what KL had expected but she rallied and with a few well positioned shoves, dislodged him, snuggled down over the egg and started the long process of incubation.

We hope she will lay another in a couple of days time.