Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday drizzled in with the cloud base so low that it allowed only glimpses of the nest tree from Dodd and at Whinlatter, pictures of a dripping wet KL sitting stoically on her two eggs. However, visitors and staff were dressed for the weather, fuelled by chocolate, and up for the challenge of spotting the nest through the curtains of rain with the best of good humour.


And in the case of not seeing ospreys, the Easter bunnies came into their own, gambolling in from their warren in the field below the Lower viewpoint to munch on their own Sunday dinner of peanuts and sunflower seeds.

14--in Cumbria 16th April am

No!  14 did not reach Cumbria on the 14th  but took a sudden turn East to end up in Lancashire – perhaps because of contrary winds.

However TODAY, (16th) following an exuberant flight line, No 14 threw himself into Sunday with a 02.30 arrival to his native Cumbria. This was followed by a veer out to sea, close to where he turned left previously  – a favourite fishing spot perhaps?

Then he headed towards Pennington, then visited the Roudsea pair; at 06.35 was at Cartmel and by 08.55 visiting a woodland East of Bouth.

Where does he find the energy?