A stick in time or maybe nine?

Following the cold snap when we had views of our birds sitting on a nest full of sleet the joys of snuggling down in the equivalent of a warm duvet are becoming apparent. Building up the sides of the nest with sticks as a wind break has become a priority, particularly as Unring looked as if he was hanging on with both feet during some of the wilder gusts. However, bringing in a stick, as well as being a practical move, also has its psychological aspect as it signals that the other partner would like a turn sitting. This turned into a battle of wills yesterday morning as each of the birds came in at shorter and shorter intervals with sticks and then attempted to boot the other one off. This took the form of either ‘accidentally-on-purpose’  dragging the stick over the one sitting, sliding in a not so subtle foot under a wing or, in Unring’s case sticking his whole head under KL’s body and attempting a flip!

Here is a clip of Kl’s effort